Rachel Parcell Net Worth and Biography

What is Rachel Parcell net worth and who is she? Rachel Parcell is a fashion blogger known for publishing the Pink Peonies Jewelry collection. Rachel was born on January 14, 1991, in the Shalla family, and the city name is Utah. Her family is a part of the Mormon faith. So, she is one of four daughters, is an older sister, Emily, and has two younger sisters, Megan, and Amy. Rachel Parcell net worth is $4 million in 2022. She made herself a millionaire with her passion and commitment. However, at an early age, want to become own her business. 

Rachel Parcell Net Worth
Full Name:Rachel Parcell
Birthplace:Salt Lake City, Utah
Date of Birth:January 14, 1991
Age:31 Years Old
Profession:Fashion Blogger
Hair Color:Deep Brown
Eye Color:Dark Brown
Height:5.7 Feet
Net Worth:$4 Million


Rachel Parcel is famous for making an impact with her impeccable appearance, Rachel Parcell is a popular American fashion blogger. Rachel Parcell was born in 1991 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She graduated from Alta High School in 2008 and then went to Utah Valley University, where she completed a graphic design degree. Rachel Parcell currently lives in California and is married to Drew Rose, with whom she has an infant son.

Jackson Walter Parcell, and an adorable daughter Isla Rosa Parcell. Fashion blogger, best known as the author of the Pink Peonies blog, she’s been able to attract a large audience with her everyday outfits, style tips, and even home décor. She’s also a skilled jewelry designer. However, she releases her Pink Peonies jewelry collection. According to Astrologers, Rachel Parcell’s Parcell’s zodiac astrological Sign is Capricorn.


Rachel started Pink Peonies in 2010 after her wedding. The blog creates as a usual newlywed lifestyle for her relatives and friends. Therefore, she to admire her as a style influencer, and they began to reach her for advice on fashion tips and lifestyle advice on dressing up. Therefore, her fans were more interested in discussing jewelry, fashion, makeup, clothes, and jewelry than her marriage. However, the blog explored her passion for style in Rachel, and that’s how her blog’s niche, “Pink Peonies,” came into existence.

However, the fashion influencer took part in Fashion Week in 2015. New York Fashion Week is the current owner of two successful companies. However, that focus on the top trends of her follower fashion, jewelry, and clothes. Her shop for jewelry is called “Pink Peonies Jewelry Collection” and her clothing line. She has dream about for some time is known as “Rachel Parcell.”

Height & Weight

She is standing 5 feet, 7 inches tall, and her weight is about 64 kg. However, she is a famous blogger and successful entrepreneur. Because she owns her Jewelry collection called Pink Peonies Jewelry Collection, she was famous to advise her friends and sisters on fashion, lifestyle, and clothes.However, her expertise and knowledge of fashion drew readers to her website. So, she gained recognition and admiration for her blog, and she’s also making money through the blog.


She is an active Parcell board member and the Hayes Tough Foundation board member. However, the Hayes Tough Foundation assists families with children who are suffering from cancer of the pediatric age. Therefore, she is an active part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints more commonly than The Mormon Church. Mormon Church. Parcell stated about Mormonism: She says my life is not only faith on Sunday however, but this is one of the ways. Therefore, my entire life is dependent upon it.

Family & Relationships

Rachel is the daughter of Oscar Parcell and Mother Mitchel Parcell. However, she is a sister to Amy Parcell and Meg Parcell. She got married to Drew Rose on August 28, 2010. Rachel Parcellhas two children, Isla Rose, born in 2015, and Jackson in 2016. Her current project is designing her own home close to Salt Lake City for her family. The online community that Rachel has built has been supportive of her and her expanding family.

The rugged landscape of Utah is awe-inspiring and fills this Salt Lake area with natural beauty. She also has her jewelry line. However, she was also a part of New York fashion week. Rachel Parcell also started his clothing and jewelry brand. Therefore, she adds a lot of cash to her wealth.

Rachel Parcell Net Worth

She has grown her path, especially in the fashion industry market. Rachel Parcell has grown her way through the world of fashion. In addition to having a successful Instagram blogger. Therefore, she is the creator of two very profitable businesses. Rachel is famous to have brought as much as $4 million to the Nordstrom website in 2014, and after the Reward Styles launch of the highest-paid bloggers’ earnings, Rachel was on the list with $960,000. The blogger, who is 28 years old, has been doing well so far. The bulk of Rachel’s earnings is derived from her blog. Rachel Parcell is an American fashion blogger, fashion entrepreneur, and social media influencer. Rachel Parcell net Worth has thought to be around $4 million.


In 2010, Rachel Parcell married her husband Drew at the Salt Lake Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But her husband is a part-time fashion photographer, real property developer, and general contractor. So, the fashion blogger wrote about her wedding day. If I could return to our wedding day, I’d like to return to the ceremony. To walk into the ceremony with Drew, whom I am so in love with. Thus, she starts creating her own blog, “Pink Peonies, ” about her experiences and daily things.

Rachel Parcell House and Cars

A millionaire blog Rachel Parcell has a big house in Salt Lake City, Utah, cover in white hues and boasts stunning views of snow. So naturally, the value of her home is also in the millions, and she has three vehicles to use. Her most recent project is to design her own home close to Salt Lake City for her family.

However, like the online community that Rachel joins supportive of her and her expanding family, Utah’s rugged landscape is surrounded by Salt Lake City Salt Lake area with natural beauty. With a multimillion-dollar fashion enterprise, she was extremely polite and social. In other words, she proves to be a role model for entrepreneurs and a successful leader in business.

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Awards and Achievements

Rachel Parcell earned too much money and recognition and fame and recognition in the world of fashion. In 2013 she was nominated for the Utah Style Icon Award, and she share the announcement on her Instagram account with her followers with a positive morning message. There are a lot of fans who follow her social media accounts. She has surpassed 1 million followers on her Instagram account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happened to Rachel Parcell?

With the brand name Pink Peonies, Rachel Parcellstarts a fashion-related blog. Rachel Parcell is a fan of the pink color, and Peonies are her favorite flowers. Therefore, she has named the website Pink Peonies, making her a millionaire. Pink Peonies is one of her most well-known blogs. After launching her clothing line in partnership with Nordstrom in 2019,Parcell’s popularity in the realm of blogging develop into a successful business. She also manages multimillion-dollar companies both in Utah in addition to New York.

What does Drew Rose do for a living?

Her husband, Rachel Parcell, is a general contractor and developer. Additionally, her husband is a part-time fashion photographer. However, Rachel married her husband Drew at the Church in Latter-day Saints. Rachel Parcell is a fashion blogger, birth from Salt Lake City, Utah, and is now a self-made millionaire in the Fashion industry.

What ethnicity is Rachel Parcell?

She claims her genetic heritage is 88 percent European, with British and Irish having the highest quantities. Rachel was rank on the list of the most popular bloggers. Also included in the elite list of celebrities born in the United States. Rachel Parcell celebrates their birthday on January 14 each year. The blogger was originally a blogger, and Rachel Parcell is now a designer. Her line is only available from Nordstrom as well as Nordstrom Rack.

What is Rachel Parcell’s blog?

She started her fashion blog Rachel Parcell and it made her a millionair. Pink Peonies is one of her most popular blogs. She writes I am overwhelmed by the number of incredible women from all over the world who decide to read my blog and follow my everyday life. Out of it, Parcell makes money from sponsor posts that she shares on Instagram. Parcell will earn around $20,000 for each sponsored post from companies such as Celine or J. Crew. Thus, American fashion blogger Rachel Parcell net worth is $4 million (estimated).