Alejandro Aranda Net Worth

Alejandro Aranda is a young TV personality, American musician, and singer. Aranda is well-known for his presentation on the stage in America Idol 17 season. Above all, he generated some surprising pieces of music. Aranda became famous after this performance and became one of the dreamboats’ performers in America. Aranda’s name came after visiting a party, and Alejandro is a good piano player. He has made it to the top 20; judge Katy Perry acknowledged that his performance was the best, and they believe in him. Similarly, Katy also refers to him as a pop star. Alejandro Aranda created his YouTube channel on November 19, 2015, and upload videos. Then he sang along with playing the guitar and piano, and now his net Worth is $350 thousand.

Alejandro Aranda Net Worth
Real Name:Alejandro Aranda
Nick Name:Alejandro, Scary Pool Party
Birth: August 11, 1994
Star Sign:Leo
Birthplace:Pomona, California, USA
Age:27 years
Profession: YouTuber, Musician, Singer
Net Worth:$350 Thousand
Height:5 feet 9 Inch

About Alejandro Aranda

Aranda was raised and born in Pomona, California, USA. Alejandro step into this world on August 11, 1994, and his sign are Leo. He is 27 years old, and he holds American nationality. Therefore, he seems that admires his mother and stepfather. He belongs in America to the White ethnicity. Aranda also spent his childhood learning different musical instruments, like the guitar. Talk about his education history and he was homeschooled. He receives Northridge’s Artist of the year and the five entertainments from California University in 2017. The stage name was given to him, ScarPoolParty.

The Personal Life

Aranda does not share his personal life with the public. He is single and wants to keep his personal life private from the camera. Alejandro discussed his distant relationship with his family in an interview with launch Left. A few first years started playing guitar and keyboard. However, he received Five Entertainment from California University.

Age, Height, and Weight

Aranda is 27 years old, and his height is 5 feet 9 inches. His weight is 78 kg, and he promises Idol season 17 runner-up new music soon. He didn’t drop an official record since 2021, when he dropped both double-album length sets. Aranda had only played music for four years at the point of his audition. He proves himself as a prodigy musical self-taught piano player, guitar player, and singer. However, the judges of Idol in America were so blown away by his initial performance. Then they gave him standing appreciation.

Professional Life

He has a great passion for singing. Usually, he practices singing at his home. Secondly, he could not go to a music school, so he learns to play piano, guitar, and other instruments. Therefore, Aranda started his career by singing and taking music seriously. He almost injured his hand in a factory work he said this incident. During the whole American Idol competition, Alejandro played seven dissimilar originals. Aranda performed at parties and clubs, and his name was Scary pool Party because of this.

He is the first Idol contestant in history to end the season conceivably. With the album already perform for millions of fans. Above all, he recently signed with Hollywood Records and released the name Scarypoolparty in June. Alejandro is own YouTube channel, and his Subscribers are 145 thousand. Similarly, his Instagram has over 665thousan followers, and he shares music and composition profiles. Alejandro Aranda is a net worth of $350 Thousand.

About Social Media

Alejandro has 605K followers on Instagram and is a famous TV personality. Similar, to his journey in America Idol, Aranda kept on performing his well-known. Aranda brought the publicity and assembled lots of followers. Aranda served 7 of his actual songs and others he leases from the likes of Justin Bieber, Fleetwood Mac, Post, and Queen. He sang the songs in front of Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, whose original songs he blew the judges. Therefore, this performed became a successful leader for him.

Education and Qualification

Aranda first comes off as a deferential Jack Johnson-type. However, when he sits down at a piano like Chopin. Alejandro brought an individual fresh to the American Idol stage when he did a Drake cover. He majored in journalism at the University of Northridge in California. Aranda has some bylines on the school’s The Sundial publication. If you Soundcloud and ScaryPoolParty on Instagram, check out. Then listen to some of his originals and form your school of thought.

Singing Career

Aranda, American Musician, singer, and TV personality, has an estimated net worth of around $350 thousand. Similarly, he participated in Five of Five Entertainment, organised by a student-run entertainment in 2016. Aranda won his prize, the Artist of the Year, and he cooperates with a London-basic Maltese rapper. During the 17 seasons of American Idol, fame rose after then they proof in their musical careers famously.

Furthermore, he shares a bit this show more about himself and explains what he hopes. That this show helps him feel more confident. They divulge that when growing up, no anyone encourages them with their dreams. Alejandro when on stage his singsong of Justin Bieber’s, and once again, he impressed the judges. Above all, reveal to him that he has made it to the top 20.

Alejandro Aranda Net Worth

Alejandro Aranda net Worth is estimated to a $350 thousand. However, he earns almost $29 thousand a month. His significant source of earn for him is his YouTube channel. Similarly, he uploads his music posts and composition, which millions of people view. Moreover, his earns on YouTube, Instagram, and concert advertisements. Actress’ guess about individual net worth is difficult. Aranda, at the age of twenty, began taking his music seriously.

When Alejandro was part of that time, the American Idol finale became the second winner. He played the whole American competition 7 dissimilar original plays Idol in history to end. The season consequence with most of an album already performs for millions of fans. He is Louisiana country singer Laine Hardy which 18 years old. She won the 17th season of American Idol. In addition, at the finale round, the other two final lists focus on covered songs by other artists.

The Achievements of Alejandro Aranda

Aranda has achieved great fame in a short career of just about four years. He has many presents and prestigious awards as well. However, preposition his achievements and Aranda was in the 2017 Artist of the year selection in the annual competition. At the California State University, Northridge, he was Five Entertainment held that contest. He has released three studio albums since places second in American Idol season 17. In November 2019, the exit form peaked at sixth on the US Heat Chart. Luke Bryan said, I only feel like I’m the appearance of reputation. It was like seeing my favorite movie I did not want to end.

Influence by many musical genres

He is an enthusiast of the musical greats. Composers of classical like Chopin and Bach, but Aranda also draws his modify. His fans attacked nine Inch Nails, Dead Can Dance, and John Martyn and check his original songs. About a bit more Idol hopeful, and you’ll watch that with his fans because of the anticity of his song. When Aranda auditioned for America Idol for the first time, his passion came alive; it was clear that music was in his blood.

How did Alejandro Aranda do on American Idol?

In American Idol season 17, Alejandro Aranda has make a finalist’s impression with his powerful husky voice. However, he came in second place on the show and amass massive fame after that. On May 19, 2019, Louisiana won the season, Alejandro Aranda was the runner-up, and Madison Van Denburgh finished in third place. Hardy, who was cut at the Top 50 in season 16, became the third returning contestant to win.


Did Aranda get on American Idol when he competed?

During his musical journey, Aranda performed seven of his original songs. Therefore, he borrows from the likes of Drake, Queen, Malone, and Coldplay. Aranda’s producer, his songs were deemed otherworldly and holy appear destined. He was said the front-runner by a website that important in predicting the winner of TV competitions.

Is Alejandro Aranda a prodigy?

Alejandro had a magical touch when play lives, reproducing the crowd’s immediate attention as a piano player and performer. Having only been playing the piano, guitar, and singing for just four years at the point of his audition, He prove himself to a sagacity in the art of music.

What Made Him So Popular?

In the end, God has mercy on him after a long and dissipate battle. Season 17 of American Idol is the turning point in his career. At the show’s mid semester, he sang his song “Out loud.” Both the audience and the judges were blown away by the performance. His well-known talent captivates the panel of judges. The entire audience, including Lionel Richie, gave him a stand for his ovation. Aranda was awarded the golden ticket to the show for this impressive performance. However, his story was one of the growth and discovery in America. There have many best performances by him during the 17 seasons. Then after this, he makes a YouTube channel the decision to start. His show’s one of the most watched TV shows, with his followers 665 on Instagram.