Todd White Net Worth, Biography, Ministry, Wife

Have you heard about the famous personality, Todd White? If you answered no, it is necessary to inform you that he is not an actor or stuntman, but rather a well-known American evangelist and pastor. Todd is an inspiration for many people. He has actually attracted millions of people worldwide. Todd’s career is considered one of the great because of the increasing Todd Worth net worth. He restores faith in God by facing many traumatising experiences. So, he actually takes serious measures to build a better and more prosperous community.

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Todd White Net Worth
Full Name:Todd White
Date of Birth:24th May, 1975
Place of Birth:Canada
Age:46 Years
Marital Status:Married
Net Worth:$1 Million

Todd White Biography

Todd is a resident of Watauga, Texas, and he contributes his services as a Senior Pastor at Lifestyle Christianity Church. However, he also works as a gospel preacher and behaves as a faith healer. All of his work is linked to the Word of Faith movement. Before 2004, Todd White was an atheist, but he converted and followed Christianity. However, the well-known personality is known for his newfound religion and well-developed faith.

After the year 2004, the popular American musician, pastor, or author clearly describes how his life has been revolutionized. He is now a good man and a teacher. However, he mentions that Dan Mohler is a great personality who has run the Lifestyle Community Church along with him, and that Dan supported Todd a lot. His top earnings are from the YouTube Channel and his active role as a pastor and Todd White net worth is valued around $1 million.

Todd White Early Life

Todd was born on 24th May, 1975 in Canada. By profession, Todd is a senior pastor, but at the age of 23, he was an atheist. With time, a radical change evolved in him and he started believing in the path of righteousness. He followed and embraced the functional elements of life in the form of new creations. Todd is surely a better person now and is happy to have a normal life.

He actually lived the life every Canadian dreamed of. Once, he was a sports lover who loved to play ice hockey and played in more than 14 seasons and 654 games in total. He got his retirement in 2011 and was loved by every sports lover because of his ability to rock the entire game.

Todd is known for sharing the words of God and simplicity. All of his inspirational teachings and speeches are shared on YouTube channels. He currently has an inspirational life that satisfies him to the core. There was a time when Todd White wanted to take his life, but the presence of God helped him.

Todd White Family

Todd is a married man, and his wife is Sarah White. Sarah is a famous singer, musician, and songwriter. She supports her husband in preaching by writing songs and promoting him. However, her ultimate support in the ministry made him successful.

The couple are living a peaceful and happy life. They both have strong faith in God and take serious measures to promote and encourage youth to listen to the words of God. He mentioned in 2022 that he was suffering from a serious heart issue due to which his heart pumps at a limited pace.

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Todd White Personal Life

Todd is a renowned minister worldwide. He is known for his words and great preaching. Todd is invited to several gatherings and occasions all over the world. Before he became an evangelist, he was known as a medication fanatic. His number of followers is increasing at a rapid rate, and millions of people are inspired by his life.

Moreover, he does not share any photos of his relatives or siblings.

Todd owns a great mansion where he raised the amount to $19 million. Todd wants an auditorium, a Christian school, and a proper café, along with a football field. Todd’s house is valued by Faith at $1.5 million, which he calls “Lifestyle Christianity.”

Todd White Career

Todd’s career seems complicated to many people, but it is a game changer for many individuals. After getting faith and following the right path of God, Todd’s life changed completely. He started embracing the right path and preaching the Kingdom of the gospel. According to Todd, his personality has completely changed and he describes himself as a new person or as if he has been reborn again.

Dan Mohler was his guide who assisted him to stay on the right track. It was Dan Mohler who gave him this ultimate opportunity to work and contribute his services to the ministry. Soon after his service, the ministry started to expand and more people began to register. It was Tom Ruotolo and Todd who introduced Lifestyle Christianity Church.

The Lifestyle Christianity Church was established with the merger of Tom’s Power and Love Ministries and Todd’s Lifestyle Christianity Church. Right after the merger was done, the headquarters of the church were moved to the Fort Worth, Dallas area. He is currently volunteering as a Senior Pastor in the same church. Moreover, Todd travels to various cities and countries and preaches the gospel in all of the churches.

Before the Lifestyle Christianity Church, Todd also served Neck Ministries and got famous for his great yet simple lifestyle. Thus, he delivers God’s words in a great way that inspires almost every individual who listens to him.

Todd White usually updates his YouTube Channel, which has almost 583K subscribers. By creating exceptional content and uploading it on his channel, Todd tries hard to spread the words of righteousness and redemption.

Todd White Net Worth

Most of the famous American pastor’s earnings come from performing preaching and contributing his services as a pastor. He made his earnings through YouTube Ad Revenue and a significant amount from book sales that contributed to his wealth. Todd White net worth is around $1 million, while his annual earnings are estimated to be $250K to $500K.

Todd White Appearances, Awards and Achievements

Some time ago Todd was strongly criticised in the famous Netflix documentary known as American Gospel: Christ alone. To this criticism, Todd replied that the series is demonically encouraged.

Todd started his YouTube channel back in March of 2014. Through his channel, he shared content for many individuals to lead a simple life and spread the words of God. His videos have proved to be an inspiration for several individuals. He has around 804K Facebook followers, 51K on Instagram, 46.5K on Twitter, and 611K subscribers on YouTube.