Diesel Brothers net worth

Everyone knows about the Diesel Brothers and wants to know the Diesel Brothers net worth. Reality shows are loved by everyone worldwide. People do consider these reality shows, besides dancing and music. The Diesel Brothers are also one of the famous American reality TV shows. It features motorbikes and cars that have been customized by Diesel Dave, Heavy D, and the Diesel Sellers crew. The show also features crazy stunts and heavy trucks to attract vehicle lovers. However, it became one of the most widely watched TV shows after its premiere.

All of the fans of trucks, automobiles, and car shows would love to know about the Diesel Brothers. So, let’s dig deeper to know the Diesel Brothers net worth & biography.

Diesel Brothers net worth

Diesel Brothers Biography

Diesel Brothers is a well-known American television series that premiered on January 4th, 2016. The show Diesel Brothers features two friends known as David Sparks (Heavy D) and David Kiley (Diesel Dave). Both of the boys are friends because they look alike and have similar names. They rose to prominence after both friends opened a car repair shop and began posting videos. Their videos got famous, and soon they were contacted by renowned companies.

David Kiley (Diesel Dave) biography

Diesel Dave is a famous celebrity from the Discovery Channel TV show Diesel Brothers. He was born on June 17th, 1974 in Utah. From his childhood, he developed a passion for cars and their modifications. He learned the skills and started working on vehicles with some experienced mechanics. He did work in many garages until he met Dave Sparks, who owned the same interest.

Diesel Dave family

David Kiley is a married man with Susan, his longtime girlfriend. He has two beautiful daughters. His first daughter, Saylor Fe, was born in 2017, while his second daughter was born in 2018. The couple gives a lot of time to their family while fulfilling their duties. They do share a similar interest in diesel-powered vehicles.

Diesel Dave Net worth

Diesel Dave Net worth is estimated to be $3 million. He earns mainly from various media appearances. Moreover, he sells many diesel trucks at the highest-earning company known as Diesel Sellers. There is no doubt Diesel Dave is a famous personality on social platforms, with 1.6 million followers on Instagram. He is also seen doing many brand promotions from which he surely makes a great deal.

Dave Sparks (Heavy D) Biography

Dave Sparks, who appears in the famous TV reality show known as Diesel Brothers. He was born in 1977 on 18th June in Utah. Sparks also has an immense passion for car modification and repair. His love for vehicles is evident from a young age. He was taught to drive and other auto mechanic techniques by his grandfather. It was his passion and interest that inspired him to attend classes in auto mechanics in high school.

Dave Sparks showed a keen interest in fabrication and welding. He is one of the most determined and hard-working people. Soon, he was hired by the motorcycle and ATV company by his friend before attending a semester at Webster State University. Later on, he left his studies to pursue his career and was hired by his uncle at a construction firm.

After some years, he met David Kiley and became his business partner. They both started an auto mechanics shop where they fixed all sorts of vehicles.

Heavy D family

David Sparks, also known as Heavy D, is married happily to Ashley Bennett. Both met and dated for almost a year in 2008 before tying the knot in 2009. After getting married, the couple were blessed with three beautiful children. However, the family is happily married in Utah.

Heavy D net worth

Heavy D net worth is estimated to be $2 million. The main source of his earnings is from the Diesel Brothers merchandise. The company Diesel Sellers contributes to the worth of Heavy D. He is also the sole owner of a truck merchandise firm known as Sparks Motors.

Famous incident

There was a time when Sparks gave a car service, and to impress some women, he mistakenly used gasoline instead of diesel. It was Kiley who noted his mistake and helped him to clean the tank before any harmful or dangerous incident could have happened.

Diesel Brothers Interests

Both of the Diesel brothers have the same interest in automobiles. Their choices for selecting cars are top-notch. Dave Sparks first car was a Chevrolet K5 Blazer in 1988, and he currently owns a Ford F-250 in 2017. The Diesel Brothers are great fans of heavy-duty vehicles, which can perform well even on long trips.

Diesel Brothers Career

The series continued for four years and more. The series merely focuses on the customization and repairing of pick-up trucks. The American reality show consists of six seasons in total, with 49 episodes. However, there were two other hosts as well who were featured on the show, known as Joshua Stuart “Red Beard” and Keaton Hoskins “The Muscle”.

Some of the top Diesel Brothers builds are customized and all of these vehicles are based on innovation and prominence.

The Hell Camino is a monstrous, simple, and remarkable vehicle. Its tires are big, spiky, and fiery-looking colors.

Another vehicle, Hercules, is a road giant. It is actually a Chevrolet truck that has been modified into a Hercules with tractor tires. It looks monstrous and the suspension is raised.

The Jeep Willys truck does have spiky tires, better suspension, and implausible new gear. It is actually a custom-built vehicle that everyone would love to drive.

Diesel Brothers Net worth

The Diesel Brothers are indeed passionate about their work and vehicles. They both tried hard and struggled well to live their dreams and pursue them as a career. Vehicle building is one of the prominent dreams and interests. combining the net worth of Diesel Brothers is estimated to be $5 million. However, their significant earnings are mostly from vehicle modifications and different automobile merchandise.

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Diesel Brothers Legal Issues

Diesel Brothers are talented enough to modify vehicles and repair them. The vehicles modified by Diesel Brothers eliminate black smoke, which is known as toxic for the environment. This black smoke is harmful and creates pollution. This was the only reason the Utah Advocacy group sued Diesel Brothers as proposed by the Utah Physicians who were promoting a healthy environment.

Later in the lawsuit, they were again charged with engaging in principal and violating federal law by participating in environmental pollution.

The Utah Physicians group examined the modified truck from Diesel Brothers, and it was confirmed that the truck produced 36 times more pollutants. However, they were prohibited from performing any further modifications by the court.

Thus, Diesel Brothers, including David Sparks, Joshua Stuart, and Keaton Hoskins, were fined $850,000 to violate the Clean Air Act on several occasions to violate the court order.

Diesel Brothers Awards and achievements

The Diesel Brothers announced the release of a 3-hour TV special movie known as Diesel Brothers: Monster Jam Breaking World Records. The show started on 8th August 2020. The movie was released in July 2020.