Keion Henderson Net Worth

Before we tell you about Keion Henderson net worth, do you know who he is? He is a motivational speaker and Pastor from United States. Henderson is the CEO, creator, and Pastor of a church society, Ministries & The Lighthouse Church. He and Shaunie O’Neal Henderson swapped covenant on a sultry island. Basketball O’Neal is the ex-wife lives star Shaunie of basketball Shaquille O’Neal. However, the marriage used to be a Golf Club and Anguilla Resort, among a count of around two hundred. However, the celebration seized location on the tenth aperture of the football path. Among Adams Yolanda playing as the bride, 3 children led Shaunie O’Neal to gloom the passage.

Keion Henderson Net Worth
Full Name:Keion Henderson
Born:July 6, 1981
Profession:Motivational Speaker
Wife:Shaunie O’Neal, Felicia Henderson
Children:Candis, Tynesha, and Katelyn Hend
Net Worth:$8 Million

Keion Henderson Married Life

He is a United State author, Pastor, and businessman who is right-familiar as Church Lighthouse’s creator. Kevin’s occupation flourished, but he confronted some difficulties in his private life, involving divorce and gathering modern individuals. After dating for various years, Kevin married their girlfriend and changed wife, Felecia; Felecia and 2 Kevin’Keoin are the cheerful progenitor of a baby name Katelyn, which appeared birth in July.

Several individuals were shocked since they exist twain professionally and personally associated. Following Larry Reid’s Vlogger, Kevin was passing a disturbance at his wedding, which was created to seize an extreme film. Ensuring this Keion accepted the separation in a question among Blessedbeatz news and accused of custody of kids. Twain celebrations stirred on among their way of life after the divorce separation.

Keion Henderson Career

Keion Henderson is an American Pastor at Lighthouse Church and Ministries in Houston. He’s also a Social Media Influencer and a motivational speaker with net worth of $8 Million. He has received and learned his discourse since the book by Doctor Cato Jr Brooks. However, he provided his 1st sermon and called it. ‘Confidence: where is own?’. Not just such, he supplied different discourses in various pieces of the global similar at modern Horizon Church, etc. He shone the CEO about a solutions tax business, and later.

e was displaced to Sam Houston, wherever he conventional the Ministries and Lighthouse Church. However, he is today helping the church as his superior Pastor. To gain a source side of profit, he events various hosts and broadcasts similar to the final fantastic Experience Choose Meeting. Keion appeared as an energetic media leader and motivational stories posts and lectures for their supporters. For their work, he obtained different honours and rewards similar to “Wonderful person of the Period” and ‘Top 50 Educators’ and also displayed in various magazines.

The Early life of keion Henderson

He was born on July 6, 1981, in Indiana, Gary, US. He grew up in 2 cities of East Chicago, Gary, Indiana, and Wayne. Henderson’s mom identifies Gwen Scott, during which he has not significantly spoken around his dad. He has 5 siblings: Dennard Methodius-Ngwodo, Keionna Mskee Singleton, Jarvis Wright, Portia Chandler, Ebony, and Danyelle Brumley. On the other hand, for his survey, he connected the Indian University-Purdue Institution at Wayne Fort, where he obtained a Bachelor of Humanities degree in Interpersonal transmission. He participated in the Belief Evangelical University & Institute to investigate the Expert of Divinity. He considered the college for 2 years before he retained a Master’s degree.

Keion Henderson Net Worth

Keion Henderson net Worth is estimated around $8 million dollars. He’s a Pastor, Author, Social media influencer, and motivational speaker. He got the spotlight for making the higher Pastor and talker in the Ministries in Houston and Lighthouse Church, United States. Since 2022, my final income has been $500,000 dollars by different origins. Therefore, the primary basis of his earnings reaches using its Pastor of the profession, CEO of ‘brand promotions and collaborations, and Tax Solutions. Their media accounts, similar Instagram pages, and YouTube channels additionally bring him a virtuous amount of currency.

The wife of Keion Henderson

The Pastor was previously wedded to Felecia Henderson. She appeared as a television identity who possessed an extraordinary married life among the Pastor in favour of a pair of years. Disastrously, the duo recorded separately within the year. In short, his ultimate deviation from his ex-spouse, he owned 3 pretty daughters.

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Keion Henderson Lecture

The lecture below is several of Keion Henderson’s famous addresses he is ever supply.

  1. The Other Side of The Truth
  2. SHOUT Until It Shakes
  3. The Ripple Effect
  4. The Dysfunction of Destiny
  5. Shut The Door
  6. A Food Fight
  7. Rejection Made ME

Henderson Net Worth Tendency

  • 2018: 5 million dollars
  • 2019: 6 million dollars
  • 2020: 6.2 million dollars
  • 2021: 6.5 million dollars
  • 2022: 7 million dollars

Loving Things

  • Actor: Robert Downey jr
  • Favorite Sportsman: Neymar
  • Cricketer: Rohit Sharma
  • Favourite Hobbies: Driving

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Anywhere perform the movie Altitude Church?

Elevation Temple, led by Furtick Steven Pastor, was founded in NC, and Charlotte has several positions in Charlotte beyond the area.

What is Henderson’s yearly income?

By two different causes, while of 2022, his yearly salary is 500,000 dollars. The primary source of his earnings is his Pastor of the profession, CEO of ‘Charge Solutions,’ and brand publicity and partnership.