Conrad Thompson Net Worth

Conrad Thompson was a promoter of the Starr cast wrestling convention. Thompson was born on July 27, 1981, in the United States. Thompson started his professional life as a mortgage broker, producing and co-hosting many wrestling. Conrad is preposterously famous for wrestling. He is 39 years old and belongs to a family of professional wrestlers. However, his love and passion for his wrestling are mostly not strange. We can say that an apple doesn’t fall a distance from a tree. Similarly, Thompson is not a professional wrestler like others, but he is still popular among podcast lovers. He runs his hock business full time; he can set up his name with several includes, like something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard, which has around $3 million monthly downloads. According to the reports, Conrad Thompson net worth is $5 million.

Conrad Thompson Net Worth
Real Name:Conrad Thompson
Born:July 27, 1981
Occupation:Podcasters, Mortgage Broker
Nationality: American
Birth Place:Huntsville, Alabama
Age:44 Years Old
Height:6 Feet 4 Inches
Wife:Megan Fliehr
Net Worth:$01-05 million

Early Life of Conrad Thompson

Thompson is a famous wrestler in America, and he was born on July 27, 19891, in Guntersville, Alabama. Therefore, Conrad was since childhood a great fan of professional wrestling. He is always wanted near his favorite wrestler stars. Conrad, in 2013, met Ric Flair while he is appear at a local event, and they exchange contact information and became friends. In addition, Thompson led to travel with Flair to meet yet more wrestling celebrity backstage. Thompson met a great many wrestling personalities during the show. When Flair was tired of podcasts, and Prichard launched a new show with this, Conrad Thompson’s ethnic birth sign is Cancer has US citizenship, and he belongs to Christianity.

Personal Life

Thompson is a big fan of relics and has a sports collection. Conrad is married to Fleihr’s daughter Megan. However, that spans items from stars such as Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. In addition, his most valuable reminder is the robes of Ric Flair that he bought on eBay. Conrad Thompson net worth is $800 as of 2021 and includes assets, money, and income. Conrad’s source of income is his career as a mortgage broker and professional wrestler.

Age, Height, and Weight

Conrad is 1.76 m tall, and his weight is 80 kg. Thompson is 40 years old as of 2022 years. His body measurements are not available right now, his eye color is black, and his hair color is brown. Conrad is a popular American businessman who became further famous professional wrestling podcast host. Thompson collaborates with well-known professional wrestlers and brings them to his show. He starts his presentation with the help of his father-in-law and must categorize several meets and salute protags for his fans all over America. Thompson’s show is very much famous among professional wrestling fans.

The Social Media

Conrad loves to share his pick and video on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He continually shares his activities on a social platform to engage his fans. Thompson has 945 followers on Instagram. He became preoccupied with professional wrestling at the age of 14th when he visited a wrestling match with his family. He is a celebrity star who has openly follow-on social media sites. Conrad Thompson net Worth in 2022 is $5 million.

Wife and divorce, kids

Thompson 2013 met his father-in-law Ric Fliehr and started a show podcast with his help. Therefore, Fliehr was a systematic guest on his show, and he finally met his elder daughter Megan Fliehr. Therefore, Megan has work in different posts around the ring. Megan has a spot casting show and runs a company that manages other mortgage deals. In addition, she has never participate in active professional wrestling. Although her father, sister, and brother are professional wrestlers. Thompson and Megan start dating, and the couple got married in 2018 in the presence of their family members. Their marriage ceremony joins a few attends popular professional wrestling people. Megan was in the early stages of married to Rober Ketzner, and from her earlier marriage, Thompson has a stepdaughter named Morgan Lee Ketzner.

The Education

Thompson is famous for professional wrestling, and he was born in Huntersville, Alabama; his country’s name is America. However, when Conrad was only 12 years old, his family belongs to Guntersville. He swells, grew up there, and attends a local High school. His parent’s name is still unknown. But Conrad Thompson is very near to his parents and often shares a photo with his parents, and he was very popular in high school. He was loved stat throughout his high school time. After high school, he continues his high education and went to college. He got the degree of graduation and then starts his own mortgage company. Thompson became preoccupied with professional wrestling at the age of 14 ages when he visited a wrestling match with his family.

Awards and Achievements

Conrad his podcast shows have reached thousands of fans worldwide. He brought professional wrestlers to get answers from the fans. However, Thompson hasn’t achieved any formal awards for his podcast shows. But Conrad’s shows are getting more famous daily. His fans are self-reliant, and many awards are already on their way.

Conrad Thompson Net Worth

Before becoming a professional wrestler, Conrad Thompson owned a mortgage company in his hometown. His company is significantly more robust and allows him to amass huge wealth. Currently, Conrad has sign contracts with dissimilar networks to promote his shows. With these contracts and financing, he earns almost $500,000 per month. However, he owns property in different cities in America. In 2022, Conrad Thompson net worth is almost $6 million. Conrad and his wife have bought various mast in professional wrestling companies, which is more earn reason for the wealth. They prove that balance both passion and work is possible. Therefore, which reason is why he still successfully runs his company. Conrad is active on his Instagram and shares work and family posts with his fans. He is a large fan of fan wrestling and spent his free time in the audience section of professional matches.

Why is Conrad Thompson so famous?

Thompson is the best American professional broker and host of a wrestling podcast. Thompson’s gladness in the podcast starts after meet with ECW wrestler Shane Douglas. ECW promises a hefty amount of money to crowdfund drive for a factual film about ECW. Therefore, Conrad had a positive experience with Douglas and later talk to the wrestling manager. Jim Cornette with an offer of $1,500 in change to visit him in his house and tell stories for several hours. A significant word spread, and Cornette and Douglas prefer, and the wrestler was agree to her meet in the interview with Conrad.

About Other Shows                                            

Thompson is one of the lighted stars in the wrestling world outside the rind. Conrad hosts the worldwide big wrestling podcast. In addition, to the previous shows, he has co-hosted some other successful podcasts. Thompson’s performance includes 83 weeks with Eric Bischoff, a trader and Tv personality, Ji Ross with Grilling, and Arn show with Arn Anderson. Therefore, all of these have earn immense success and must make Conrad one of the most plentiful broadcasts. Conrad also runs his mortgage, and this business is grow too.

Association with Bruce Prichard

Thompson, since in young age, was obsessed with wrestling. His target was to watch his favorite wrestlers live one day. He took an interview with Shane Douglas, but Conrad had to pay a considerable amount to the wrestler. He like release his first podcast with Flair in April 2015. Thompson gets the eye of another famous wrestling personage as well. Therefore, in 2016, it was announce that Conrad will release a podcast with wrestler Prichard.

In addition, they also decide in 2018 to launch ‘something Else Wrestle Bruce Prichard.’ After these bewildering successes of productions, he went on to launch. What happened when with Tony Schiavone? Tony is an erstwhile world championship announcer. Above all, this podcast was identically love by fans because it was only the onset of his rise and eventually establish himself as a powerful businessman. Since his show has become a regular feature in wrestling worldwide. The people get millions of downloads per month, and Conrad Thompson hosts six weekly shows.

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How He Started Podcasting?

Impetuously, his fortunes turn as he gets across popular wrestler and wrestling manager Ric Flair. Therefore, this interview gets the best response, and he agrees to a deal with wrestler manager Jim Cornette for $1,500 in a swap for his interviews. The report of his recent revelation was just companionable gossip about his favorite celebrity. When he released this podcast, it soon got the fans’ awareness. This was the age of the fantastic journey of his life.

Conrad Thompson’s accounts

Thompson brokers with many Twitter followers with who he shares his life occurrence. He is gain more famous in his profession on Twitter these days. However, you can read today’s newest tweets and his post from Thompson’s official. In addition, you can know what he said in his premature tweet. You can see high and popular recent tweets from his Twitter account.

How is Conrad Thompson’s YouTube channel performing?

On the authority of the latest YouTube stat in 2022, Thompson has a total video view count of 9.6 thousand on YouTube and 354 subscribers on the same channel. However, many people ask Conrad about his money made on YouTube. But not that hard to estimate the income figure. Therefore, Conrad Thompson’s YouTube salary and net Worth are only based on obtainable public information about the monetisation programs.