Donna Marie Lombardi Net Worth

Donna Marie Lombardi is an American Television personality and businesswoman. She was born on September 20, 1992, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. Donna Marie Lombardi first appeared in the Black Ink Crew television series aired on the VH1 network, and she started her career in the new show as one of the cast members. On the front, she features as an artist specialising in portraits and script and has been working in this field for a year. In this article, let’s read more about Donna Marie Lombardi net worth, age, relationship, and early life here!

Donna Black Ink Net Worth
Full Name:Donna Marie Lombardi
Nick Name:Donna
Date of Birth:September 20, 1992
Height:5 Feet 8 Inch
Weight:65 Kg
Profession:Tattoo Artist
Net Worth:$500 Thousand

Donna Marie Lombardi Early Life

Donna Marie Lombardi was born in Cleveland on September 20, 1992. So much is famous about her early life. However, she often shares pictures of her family on her social media, especially on her Instagram.Donna met her future husband and Black Ink Crew Star Sky Walker when she was 19. However, it wasn’t until a year later that she joined him on camera for an episode of Black Ink Crew: Chicago. Donna is a talented tattoo artist who works at Dondi & Dondi Tattoo Shop in Chicago.

After meeting Sky, Donna traveled to New York City with him to visit another shop that he had talked about previously on the Black Ink crew so that he could showcase his skills there as well. How old is Donna Black Ink Crew? Donna Marie Lombardi was born on September 20, 1992. Donna Lombardi’s net worth and salary: Donna Lombardi is an American reality television personality with a net worth of 600 thousand dollars. She is famous for one of the reality series Black Ink Crew stars.

Donna Marie Lombardi Age and Parents

Her real name is Taylor Monet Pinkney, a nineties baby and a 31-year-old living in the United States. Due to her active social media presence, it was not easy to track down Donna’s parents. However, we could find several pictures of the star and her mother on social media, which at least suggests that they are very close. Donna has one of her social media accounts (Instagram), where she goes by donnalombardi. In addition to that account, we found an acting profile for her on IMDB. Both pages provide us with information about Lombardi’s upbringing and current age. Another online source revealed that she is at least 31 years old now.

Donna Marie Lombardi Career

Donna has always interest in tattoos and desires to do so as a career. First joining Black Ink Crew as an apprentice to CEO Ceaser Emmanuel. The star of VH1’s Black Ink Crew is Donna Lombardi, who, as mentioned earlier, is best known for her reality television show about life in a tattoo parlor. She works on the show as an apprentice in the shop during season three, and she was subsequently promoted to the main cast following the show’s fourth renewal.

Donna Marie Lombardi Personal Life

Donna Marie Lombardi was born on September 20, 1992, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She had a tough childhood with an abusive mother who constantly screamed at her and beat her if she did anything wrong. Donna was also raped when she was just 11 years old by a family friend, this traumatized her and led to her cutting herself and trying to commit suicide when she was 14 years old by jumping off a building, but luckily, she survived this attempt. However, all these things did not stop Donna from being successful because she became a self-made millionaire that owns various successful businesses such as restaurants, nightclubs, and tattoo shops in New York City.

Donna Marie Lombardi Net Worth

Donna Marie Lombardi net worth is valued at $1 Million Dollars. Donna’s influence grew during her tenure on Black Ink Crew. Donna makes money by hosting events, becoming a social media influencer, and continuing to feature on Black Ink Crew. All of that combined has put her into the 6-figure range of her salary. As a tattoo artist, she wasn’t making as much, combined with her presence on television and social media. As a result, she should expect to be well over six figures. So how much is Donna Lombardi worth? Donna Marie Lombardi is an American reality television personality and businesswoman who has a net worth of $1 million. She is famous for appear on the VH1 reality series Black Ink Crew.

She starts working as a tattoo artist at the age of 18. Donna Marie Lombardi is a reality television personality best known for appear on two seasons of VH1’s Black Ink Crew franchise. She owns and operates Red Hook Tattoo in Brooklyn, New York, along with her husband Chris and son Donnie. Together they run their business while working out of a second location called Black Rose Tattoo in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Donna Marie Lombardi & Child Loss

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants and grows outside the uterus during a relationship with Donna Lombardi. She had an ectopic pregnancy during this relationship. As a result, she lost both her child and a fallopian tube. Despite the difficulties, her husband was there for her. However, their courtship ended early when a “shocking bathroom video” featuring Donna and her co-star Alex Robinson appeared during the seventh season of Black Ink Crew.

Donna Marie Lombardi and Legalisation of Marijuana

Less prison intakes and drug sentences, fewer convicted felons, and more productive Americans” are the benefits Donna cites in an interview with Submit PR. Donna’s mention of a less violent society seems to be back up by Ohio State University reports claiming that legalizing marijuana would lead to a 9% decrease in homicides. And a 5% decrease in violent crime. Donna mentions that she a cannabis activist since birth. Because her father was prescribe marijuana for PTSD as part of his treatment plan after return from war. She says: I am so passionate about this plant! It saves my father’s life.

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Donna Marie Lombardi Relationship

Ex-husband Maxwell was the artist’s ex-husband. After they started dating again, they married soon after. Maxwell reportedly proposed on the 4th. However, the most exciting piece of the story is when we discover that Donna and Maxwell tied the knot while he was still in prison. A prison wedding is not your typical Cinderella story, but it is indicative of Donna’s love for her husband. During the hard times, she supports him and was even happy to wait for him to release from prison.

Whether she was still married to her imprison spouse remains a mystery. Maxwell was not happy to hear that she was dating a new guy named Mohammed. He reportedly threatened her, and the simmering levels of stress inevitably led to a miscarriage. Mohammed was her rock throughout all this, and his support helped her get through it. This is probably why the two are still presently dating.

Where is Donna Marie From?

Donna was a tattoo artist and eventually became famous by appearing on her reality show, Black ink crew New York. A spinoff series of black ink crew Chicago, where she plays an essential character. In short, Donna’s Instagram account has amassed vast numbers of followers over the years, with followers just skyrocketing after the release of her reality show black ink crew.

Donna from black ink Instagram is famous for posting various tattoos and body art. The teenager found fame last year when he released his debut album, Total Xanarchy, under Columbia Records. His song Betrayed reach number 29 on Billboard Hot 100 list, adding to its notoriety. But he was only 17 then, so Donna did not charge him much money. But ask him to ensure he didn’t get addict to drugs because the industry is ruthless and harsh.

Is Donna from Black Ink still with Alex?

Is Donna from Black Ink still with Alex? Little is known about her private life except for her relationship with Alex Gonzalez, a tattoo artist from Brooklyn. The couple has been together since an early age and has a daughter named Kiara Roses. They also have another child from a previous relationship. Still, there is no information on his name or gender because it was way before Donna met Alex, for which she stated in an interview that I’m not going to say I haven’t made any mistakes. She also add that Alex’s son fits right into our family.