Mia Malkova Net Worth – How Rich is the Onlyfans Star?

Mia Malkova is an American adult film actress. She also got success as a twitch streamer. And a fanatic fan of influencers. Mia once received the healthy starlet award and has been in the grown-up occupation business for ten years. Mia has an approximate net worth of about $6.7 million. In all aspects, individuals want to know about the net worth of Mia Malkova. However, they also want to know some surprising reality of Mia’s life. The full details will explain in this article. In short, Mia is a top-rated performer and Twitch Standard.

Mia Malkova Net Worth
Real Name:Mia Malkova
Date of Birth:July 1, 1992
Birthplace:Pal, Springs, California USA
Profession:American Actress
Age:19 Years
Marital Status:Married
Net Worth:$6.7 Million

Biography of Mia Malkova

Mia’s actual name is Melissa Ann Hevner, and her nickname is Mia Bliss, Madison Sawan, Melissa Ann Mountain and Melissa Ann Murray. Mia’s Nationality is United States. This place is her hometown by birth. Her religion is Christianity, and she believes too much in this theology. However, her education is still not famous. Here is information about Mai Malkova’s biography.

Family and personal life

Officially known as Melissa Ann Hevener, Mia was born on July 1, 1992, in Palm Springs, California. She descends from Irish, French, Canadian, and German ancestry. She was born with three older brothers. One of them, James Hunt, is also an actor. Mia lost her father when she was only three years old, so from age three to 14, she was cared for exclusively by her mother and stepfather. Mia worked in the fast-food industry before entering the entertainment industry. However, at 16, she got a job at McDonald’s and eventually worked at Sizzler. In 2014, she married Danny Mountain, another film actor. The pair unfortunately divorced in 2018, though she is currently single. She bought a $3.9 million castle in Portland, Oregon, where she plans to host photo shoots and stream video games.

Education and Profession

Melissa Ann Hevener, Mia’s legal name, was born on July 1, 1992, in Palm Springs, California. Her ancestors were Irish, French, Canadian, and German, and she was born into a family of three boys. One of them, James Hunt, is also a performer. Mia’s father passed away when she was three, so she spent her childhood caring for her mom and stepfather. In addition to working in the fast-food industry, Malkova also worked at Sizzler and McDonald’s in her teens. When she was 29, Courtney (the last name not disclosed) married performer Danny Mountain in 2014. Unfortunately, they divorced in 2018. On the other hand, in Portland, Oregon, she recently purchased a $3.9 million castle, which she intends to use to flow quotidian and throng photo shoots.

Mia Malkova Height, weight, and age

A blonde, a buxom, and a tall woman, she has it all. Her looks are exquisite, and she acts in many great films. At 29 years old, she is relatively young. Since 1012, she has been working in the film industry. She is incredibly popular, successful, and well-known to her fans. She weighs about 119 pounds (54 kg),and her height is around 5″ 7 inches. However, her measurements are 34-26-36 at 29 years old. Over the course of her career, she has changed the color of her hair many times, and she does not have any tattoos.

Entertainment Career

The internet saw the debut of Mia Malkova in 2012, thanks to one of Mia’s closest friends, Natasha Malkova. Her age at this time was 19. She used various pseudonyms, including Mia Bliss, Jessica, and Madison Swan. On the other hand, she works for companies such as Brazzers, Digital Playground, Jules Jordan Videos, Girlfriends Films, Lethal Hardcore, and Matrixx Models. She’s the subject of a 2018 documentary, a beautiful and elegant film that looks at female fun. Despite fierce competition in the industry, she has more than 170 acting credits. On a top basis, she is well-regarded in his profession. A few points about live streaming are to come in the following section.

  • Having completed a decade in her first career, Mia decided to start streaming.
  • Currently, she dedicates the bulk of her while to Twitch.In addition to uploading vlogs on YouTube, Mia has also earned a lot of wealth on OnlyFans.
  • After responding to social media fans’ concerns, Melisa announced her plans to continue performing in full-grown films.
  • Currently, she has a combined following of 634,000 people on Twitch and 183,000 people on YouTube.
  • She’s concurred with prominent social media commanders like Mizkif, CodeMiko, and Alinity. Her career is an outstanding career to follow the valuable departments.

Mia Malkova Net Worth

As a full-time streamer, OnlyFans is her most profitable venture. If a person is a big fan of hers and wants to get access to her exclusive content and have direct contact with her. She can do so for $9.99 a month. In short, she has attracted more than 40,000 subscribers to her platform. In a documentary with Louis Theroux, Mia revealed that she produces 150,000 to 200,000 dollars a month from OnlyFans. Compared to contracts in the film industry, it was a refreshing change.

According to an estimation, Mia Malkova net worth is around $8 Millions US Dollars. As per the information, Mia has over 170 acting credits in the film industry. In December 2012, she designates as a Twistys Treat of the Month, and in 2013, she was a Twisting Feast of the Year. Therefore, it seems that in the upcoming years, she will be able to earn a large sum.

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Interesting Facts about Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova is an American star and model. She began her career in September 2012. She become one of the most popular female performers in the industry. However, in 2014, she became AVN’s Female Performer of the Year. For example, the following facts about her are pretty interesting.

According to her Wikipedia page, she united with a Native American film producer.

  • Mia Malkova has a reputation in every corner of the world.
  • She was among the apex five full-grown film stars in the United States in 2015.
  • She’s also famous by her other stage name, Mia Bliss, Madison Swan, Jessica and Madian Clover.
  • Several awards have been given to Mia for her work, and she remains successful in her career.
  • She is an film star and has been featured in several movie roles, most remarkably in Don Jon and in Santa.
  • It is said that she charges an estimated 10,000 dollars for every single shoot. An estimation is that her annual salary is about 1.1 million.
  • Aside from Twitch, her income comes from social media endorsements and streams on Twitch.
  •  She recently purchased a $4 million castle in Oregon.
  • Malkova has worked for many companies, including Mile High, Lethal Hardcore, Girlfriends Films, Combat Zone, FM Concepts, and Numeric Playing field.
  •  Her brother, Justin Hunt, is also a famed cinema star.
  • Last year, she won an award from XBIZ. She is of French, Canadian, Irish, and German language lineage.

Social accounts of Mia

There are a few platforms of social media, where you can follow that Mia follows.