Alex Manos Net worth

Alex Manos got famous after getting into a relationship with Farrah Aldjufrie. People were anxious to know Alex Manos’ net worth 2023. The news went viral on the internet after their engagement and people started looking for Alex’s occupation. So, if you’re looking for Alex Manos information about his profession, career, and income sources, you’ve come to the right place. He makes the majority of his money from his car dealership. Over the years, Alex Manos has managed to earn a great net worth. However, he is the President, Owner, and CEO of Beverly Hills Car Club, Inc., so let’s dive deeper into the article to know more details about Alex Manos Net Worth 2023.

Alex Manos Net Worth
Name:Alex Manos
Age:38 Years
Birth Year:1986
Place Of Birth:Los Angeles, California
Ethnicity:White Caucasian
Fiancé:Farrah Aldjufrie
Parents:Mrs. Versa Manos and Mr. Manos
Net worth:$10 Million

Alex Manos Biography

Alex Manos is a 37-year-old American businessman. He is the President of the famous Beverly Hills Car Club and is engaged to Farrah Aldjufrie. Alex Manos is not a famous celebrity but got international fame after getting into relation with Farrah. Alex is always a private person and never revealed information about his personal life. However, he is known as an entrepreneur as well. Indeed, he is dedicated to his work and continuously struggles to promote his business.

It is true that Alex is dedicated to his work and has always preferred to buy organic cars as he loves to choose cars of every style and model. He offered cars at amazing prices to every class and car enthusiast. He remained as President of the company for a long time. The company has been buying and selling beautiful antique automobiles all over the world for many years.

He is also known as a social media influencer who leaves a positive influence on his fans and followers

Alex Manos Early Childhood

Alex was born in 1986 and grew up in Los Angeles, California. He was raised in a multicultural environment before moving to the United States. His parents separated when he was young, so he was raised and brought up by Versa Manos. Versa is a talented woman who manages Gorgeous Media Group and raised him as a strong woman.

Alex Manos Education

He completed his bachelor’s degree from a private institute in business subjects. While for primary and secondary studies, he attended a local school in his hometown in California.

Alex Manos Physical Stats

Alex Manos is a healthy, wealthy, and wise man. His height is 5 ft. 11 inches, and he weighs 78 kg weight. His complexion is fair, and he looks sleek and handsome.

Alex Manos Family

Alex Manos revealed a little about his family and often posted pictures of his mother on social media platforms. He is very close to Versa Manos, his mother, who is a talent manager, and his father as well. Both parents encouraged Alex to make life decisions and are proud to have him as a son. On Mother’s Day, May 10th, 2021, he shared a video on Instagram saying “Happy Mother`s Day to the Legend that I am lucky enough to call my mother @versamanos love you.”

Alex belongs to a well-settled American family. However, he is very close to his siblings.

Alex Manos Career

At a very young age, he was obsessed with cars, and his passion for cars made him a successful businessman. Because of his passion, he met one of the most popular car dealers in the country. His first classic car was a Lincoln Continental, which he bought in the 2000s. It was at this time that he recognised a significant financial advantage in the historic automobile and received numerous offers for the Lincoln Continental. Later on, he founded Beverly Hills Car Club Inc. In January 2004, Beverly Hills Car Club Inc. bought and sold different types of vintage cars.

The company, Beverly Hills Car Club Inc, specialises in Jaguar, Mercedes, European Classic Cars, Porsche, and Maserati. Moreover, the company features 200 different types of classic cars, as mentioned on its website. The new showroom comprises 85,000 square feet. He always appreciated European classic cars and showed a love for discovering barn finds.

There is no doubt that Alex possesses immense knowledge about cars and is admired by many dealers and car collectors from all over the world. In a short span, his business expanded in the US. Many people from nearby states often visit him to buy the car from the Beverly Hills Car Club. He is a successful businessman in his state..

Alex Manos life partner

Alex is engaged to Farah Aldjufrie, who is the daughter of Kyle Richard. Kyle and Farrah both are very close to each other, and now she is 33 years old. Farrah dated Alex for more than two years. The couple kept posting pictures of themselves on various social platforms. Alex posted a sweet message in October on Farrah’s birthday saying, “Every day with you is a blessing. You are so supportive and loving, and I love spending time together because each day with you is a treat. Happy Birthday, babylanu.”

The announcement of Alex and Farrah’s engagement was shared on Instagram with a series of pictures posted by Alex. However, Farrah wrote “beyond grateful to you, I love you so much” and showed her engagement ring.

Kyle also wished the couple well by sharing a post on Instagram after their engagement. She mentioned, “My baby @farrahbritt is getting married! We love Alex so much and could not be happier!! Congratulations Farrah & Alex.

However, the couple got engaged on November 29th, 2021. Indeed, Alex and Farrah’s commitment does not shock anyone because the couple is genuine with one another and has shared true feelings for a long time.

Alex Manos Appearances

Alex is seen as very active on social platforms, where he usually shares pictures with Farrah. He keeps his fans and followers entertained by posting personal and professional images. Besides being famous on social media platforms, he does share various activities and his engagement on Instagram with his fans. The celebrity star has 2.5 million fans on Instagram and is a well-established YouTuber. However, he is a self-made businessman or a millionaire who is fond of travelling.

Alex is a well-known social media influencer and has been seen on many television shows. He is featured in many men’s and automotive magazines.

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Alex Manos Net worth

Alex Manos is a wealthy businessman with a whopping net worth. According to the sources, Alex Manos net worth is estimated to be $600,000 to $10 million. He has mentioned on his LinkedIn profile that he is the President and founder of Beverly Hills Car Club Inc. He started his business because he loves cars, especially European ones. According to him, he is attached to every car he buys and every new car seems more appealing. Somehow, he mentioned himself as an obsessive person while buying a new car. Reviews of his company and the related services are always positive. The company delivers cars all around the world.

Apart from his car business, he also runs a YouTube channel with 1 k subscribers where he posts different videos featuring vintage cars and related information.